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This summer, at Taverna Paradiso, there is a newly formated music group called “Refene”.
Refene consists of Katerina Batalogianni, Pavlos Kiourtsis, and Dimitris Arsoniadis.

Katerina’s beautiful voice will make you wander to older times, with traditional Greek and Turkish songs.
Pavlos voice and guitar gives the impression that we are in a 40’s “rebetadiko” singing “rebetika”.
Rebetika are the the folk songs of the 30’s-60’s and their themes are often harsher realities of a marginalized subculture’s lifestyle. That is why in 1936 they were censored by Greece’s dictator Ioannis Metaxas.
Dimitris‘ bouzouki contributes to the illusion, and you will truly enjoy a greek live of bouzouki, while dancing Syrtaki.

All three of them are very passionate about their music and make sure that their audience has fun.
Taverna Paradiso, as well, lovated next to Camping Paradiso in a spacious place full of trees, takes care of their customers the best way possible. When you are there you should taste the local fish and try the local wines, and of course you should dance your heart’s desire.

Refene’s live is every Friday at 21.00. You should consider reserving a table beforehand, to make sure you can enjoy the live.

For reservation:
• You can physically go to Taverna Paradiso and reserve the table or
• You can go to Ikoepiloges office, right behind the church, and ask for Melina or Stefania to reserve a table for you or
• You can call at Taverna Paradiso: 0030 2594300434

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