Bar & Restaurant
Erythrou Stavrou & Filellinon 2 Kavála, Greece

The bar-restaurant is situated in the waterfront of Kavala. Epicure is a modern mix of the classic Viennese style with colorful pop and modern elements. The arches in the window frames are inspired by the city’s landmark, its Roman aquaduct. In the bar-restaurant the materials used are walnut wood, cypress green and a red wine velvet, golden shades on the metal structures, local marble and wallpapers with floral motifs.

The palette is completed with pink-colored lavaplaster, carbon-colored metal constructions and rattan, used in details of the furniture. The ceiling is decorated with plaster frames while the floor is covered with custom-made white background terazzo. When the arched window frames are open, the barrier between the interior and the exterior space vanishes. The outdoor area has a direct view to the sea and centerpiece is formed with an olive tree around which sofas and table-chairs are arranged.

Epicure restaurant began offering Dry Aged ribeye, bone-in strip, and short loin porterhouse and T-bone cuts. Epicures’s dry aged beef is placed and closely monitored in aging boxes where the moisture in the meat is allowed to escape. The ideal dry aging process for the meats is 40 days, but could vary anywhere between 25-40 days. Evaporation shrinks the beef, concentrating its flavor as it softens the meat. Additionally, the proteins and fats go through a transformation as well. The result is superb beef with an extraordinarily rich flavor and buttery texture. Epicure is currently the only restaurant in Kavala to dry age their steaks on premise. Because the motivation behind this endeavor is passion and not profit, the price of these dry aged cuts will be more than competitive and will fluctuate based on cut and days aged.

Αn experience not to be missed, because Epicure is more than a restaurant.We are authentic, with an emphasis on simple presentation and flavour through quality ingredients.


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