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Why to eat biological products?

No Chemicals

The biggest advantage of bio products is that it does not contain preservatives, chemical additives and toxins. Compared to other products, organic food is not genetically modified, meaning there are no changes from its natural state and therefore no chemicals are ingested into our bodies.

Taste and Quality

Bio foods are said to taste better compared to processed food and also have better nutritional value. Most people who have tried them do not return back to eating mass produced, commercial foods again.


Organic farming is where no cruelty and injustices are done to animals. Animals are given liberty and are fed with bio foods such as: hay and maize. Thus the meat or poultry obtained is free from toxic chemicals and hormones.

Environmentally friendly

Cultivating organic vegetation also means keeping the balance of the soil. The soil does not absorb chemicals, and accordingly bio-agriculture promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms. In other words bio products are more environmental friendly.

So, how can I find those biological and healthy products in Kavala?

Polykarpos is here, to help you in order to choose the most suitable and favourite tastes for the products that you can get. Here, it has to be clearly that biological products are not expensive!

Polykarpos, also, provides you biological cosmetics, local products like local drinks (wine, ouzo), it is also liquor store. In addition, Polykarpos’s owner produces excellent honey! 


Find Polykarpos in instagram and facebook: polykarpos.bio 



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